Ibis Paint X for PC

Digital artists are continuously looking for tools that will allow them to express their thoughts onto the canvas since originality in this field has no limitations. A well-known digital painting tool called Ibis Paint X has attracted a lot of attention because to its extensive feature set and simple user interface. Now that Ibis Paint X for windows can be used on a PC, artists of all skill levels may unleash their creativity to the fullest. The intriguing world of Ibis Paint for PC and how it enables artists to paint, draw, and design as never before will be covered in this blog.

ibis paint x for pc


Ibis Paint X for windows is already well-known among mobile artists as their go-to app. It has evolved into a crucial tool for producers all around the globe because to its extensive selection of brushes, layers, and tools. Artists may now take use of a bigger canvas, more accuracy, and a more immersive experience thanks to its availability on PC.

Ibis Paint X App

Name Ibis Paint X
Version 10.1.6
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Category app
Downloads 100,000,000+ downloads
Released on Feb 27, 2014
Price Free
Developer Don’t know
Latest Update One Day Ago

Download Ibis Paint X Apk

Download BlueStack

Thanks to Android emulators, running Ibis Paint X download for pc is now simpler than ever. To get started, do these actions:

Installing the Ibis Paint X for PC

1. Select an Android emulator

Choose a trustworthy Android emulator, like BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, or LDPlayer. Visit the emulator's official website and get the installation file.

2. Install the emulator

To install the Android emulator on your PC, open the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions. Launch the emulator after the installation is finished.

3. Activate your Google Account

To access the Google Play Store after starting the emulator, log in with your Google account.

4. Look for this app.

Using the search bar, go to the Google Play Store in the emulator and look for "Ibis Paint X for pc" In the search results, choose the app.

5. Install the app 

To download and install Ibis Paint X on the emulator, click the "Install" option.

6. Launch this app

The Ibis Paint X app may be seen in the emulator's app list when it has been successfully installed. To start Ibis Paint X on your PC, click the application.


ibis paint x for windows


Features of Ibis Paint PC

ibis paint x for windows 10

Opening Up New Creative Possibilities


1. Can Ibis Paint X for PC be used for commercial work?
Ibis Paint X is used by many professional artists for a variety of tasks, including digital paints, animations, and drawings.

2. Ibis Paint X for windows: Is it free to use?
A powerful range of functions are available in the free edition of Ibis Paint X. A premium edition is also offered with more tools and capabilities.

3. Can this app used offline?
Ibis Paint X is largely used as a mobile application,  Ibis Paint X download for pc, setting up, and updating it all call on an internet connection. Once the program is installed, certain functions could operate offline.

4. Does Ibis Paint X have a desktop version?
Ibis Paint X can be run on your PC using Android emulators even if there isn't an official desktop version.

5. Can I create animations using Ibis Paint X?
Yes, Ibis Paint X supports animation, enabling you to create frame-by-frame animations from within the program.

6. Can I post my artwork in the app's community or gallery?
Ibis Paint X does include an integrated online gallery where users may share their works of art, browse those of others, and interact with a creative community.

7. Can this app used on both iOS and Android devices?
Yes, Ibis Paint X is accessible to a broad variety of users since it is offered for both Android and iOS devices.

8. Ibis Paint X supports pressure sensitivity, right?
For devices with pressure-sensitive styluses, Ibis Paint X does enable pressure sensitivity, which improves the realism of your digital artwork.

download ibis paint x for windows 10


Ibis Paint X for PC fills the gap between desktop power and portability. It has turned into a crucial tool for both amateurs and pros since it gives artists a new platform to exhibit their ideas. If you're an illustrator, painter, or designer, Ibis Paint X's PC compatibility gives you the freedom to explore your creative potential in stimulating and original ways. Ibis Paint X's dynamic features and vast canvas will let you take your artistic ability to new heights.