How to remove flipaclip for pc watermark

how to remove flipaclip for pc watermark

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There are two methods to eliminate the FlipaClip watermark on a PC:

  1. Purchase FlipaClip Plus: FlipaClip Plus is a paid subscription service that removes the watermark and grants access to premium features like additional layers, brushes, and fonts. To acquire FlipaClip Plus, follow these steps:

  1. Use Video Editing Software: Various video editing software options can be utilized to remove watermarks from videos. Popular choices include Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Sony Vegas Pro. To eliminate the FlipaClip watermark using Adobe Premiere Pro, follow these steps:

If you are not comfortable with video editing software, you can explore online watermark removal tools. Nevertheless, be aware that online watermark removers may not be as effective as dedicated video editing software, and they might charge a fee for their services.

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